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Our Content Management System is built around the features that are key to building, managing and growing a great website, keeping not only the editors, designers, developers, and marketers, but also your visitors, in mind.

For your visitors

Building just a website is simple, but building a great website can be challenging. The Phaistos CMS is built around features that will help you get the user experience of your site visitors just about perfect.

Focused on performance

Next to content, performance is the most important aspect of every website. You don't want to make your audience wait more than a few seconds for your site to load. And you don't want your site to be laggy.

By delivering just what's needed, (pre-)caching important content, optimizing all your assets, lazy-loading non-critical media, and server side pre-rendering, our CMS will help you build the fastest website possible.

Accessible by design

Providing an accessible experience enables you to share your content with everyone who has access to the internet. According to WHO, about 15% of the world's population lives with some form of disability. Our CMS has been designed with accessibility in mind, so you don't have to limit your audience to the other 85%.

All our templates come up with semantic markup supporting people with visual impairments, don't require JavaScript to be enabled, and are optimized to run smoothly on low-end devices.

Image optimization out of the box

Images are usually the heaviest assets on a website, consuming not only bandwidth, but also the device's CPU power when being rendered. Having a lot of unoptimized images on your website can result in a poor user experience caused by layout shifts and laggy scrolling behavior.

With our built-in image optimization, you will be able to provide appropriately sized and optimized images in modern formats without having to pay for an external image optimization services or having to do all the hard work manually.

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For you and your team

Excellent editing experience

Building a great website means providing great content. That's why we have focused on perfecting our content editor — don't let anything distract you when you're focusing on writing a deep-dive post on your favorite topic, or are polishing the copy of an important CTA.

Our CMS provides just the tools you need to craft high-quality content — feature-rich WYSIWYG content editor, reusable components, free image searcher, and much more.

Rich analytics

Understanding your users is key to improving and growing your website. Our rich analytics will give you insights into the behavior of your site visitors — what they're looking for, where they come from, where they drop off, if they come back, and more.

Our goal is to give you just the tools you need to grow your website, analyze its performance, measure the effectiveness of your CTAs, and understand your users.


Being found on Google and other major search engines is usually a crucial part of growing your audience. With our CMS, you will be able to specify and tweak all the content that's important for your Search Engine Optimization.

Additionally, our pre-rendered content, semantic markup, and automatically generated sitemaps make it very easy for the crawlers to index your site. You can also connect your Phaistos project to the Google Search Console and Google Analytics to monitor the performance of your website.

And much more…

And that's not it just yet, our CMS provides a lot of other features that can help you build and grow your website — for example free hosting, so you don't need to worry about managing your own infrastructure; live preview, so you can immediately see how the content will look on your website; ability to invite other team members to your project; or fully customizable templates built with developers in mind.

Doesn't matter whether you are building a website for your business, a blog about your favorite hobby, or a news site — we've got your covered.

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